Welcome Fresne: Twin Kingdoms of Harrow Pass

Harrow Pass runs south through the Pah ren between two expansive woods, pulsing with Corvan Blood and trade, war and forgotten history. At each extreme end of the valley two ancient kingdoms hold an iron grip and nothing passes through the valley except by their leave. War between the two kingdoms is nearly a seasonal event as the two seek to expand their territory and influence over the vital trade route of the Harrow Pass. Venturing too deeply into the forests on either side of the pass is suicide and no man of either kingdom has ever made a foothold in them. Goblins and orcs, elves and dwarves populate wooded wilds, but are rarely seen except for the occasional trading party, political emissary, or raid into human lands.

Magic exists but is little understood and less trusted. History is full of the tales of those who sought its power and gained it only to lose control of their bodies, minds or souls in the attempt. Great destruction and societal imbalance usually follow. Openly demonstrating a magical affinity would be the easiest way to earn distrust and to possibly lose your life.

Fresne is the name given by those who pass through the trade roads for the valley, the two kingdoms and the glade within it. You may enjoy the protection of either kingdom, but staying too long would be to risk becoming embroiled in their petty politics and grievances and inevitable wars.

Welcome travelers. Do not stay long.

Fresne: Twin Kingdoms of Harrow Pass