Wrinnis Cudgel

Trafficker and Rogue and Invaluable Intermediary


Wrinnis was a trafficker of all goods illicit or generally untradeable. Working along the borderlands of the Southwest to the forests edge, he and his loose network could source just about any commodity you’d like. Wrinnis is also just the one to take a few batches of argus gum spirits off of your hands if you were inclined to dispose of the stuff. It is rumored that Wrinnis’ network was unusually diverse including monks, attendants to noble women, farmers of all races, and even kobolds, though it is unclear how they would even communicate. Among the most prized things that Wrinnis would trade in were people, slaves of various races and social classes, though mostly obtained as unransomed spoils of war that found their way into the dark markets; fugitives that could buy themselves passage through his network; and most importantly, information. The right piece of information offered to the right person, at the right time, usually made for a right amount of gold. Though the person of Wrinnis is wanted in every port, gate and toll, he has been seen by none of the guards, soldiers, or constables who would make a prize if him.


Wrinnis Cudgel

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