Mighty Among the Strong


“Mighty Among the Strong,” a castoff orphan or lost child from the northern border of the civil lands, Wyrendrin made his way into the wastes and wilds at a very early age. At times, he has lead several of the plains walker tribes under his metaphorical crown, but infighting and dissention caused them to disintegrate. Known for his hunting prowess and physical strength, as well as cleverness in strategy, Wyrendrin has earned the respect of many tribe leaders of the North. His name, if not his humble origins, is known among the ruling regents and those of the noble class, and that same name has been mentioned on more than one occasion as a powerful potential ally could possibly unite several local Nufas’ralla tribes under the aegis of the Northern Kingdom to gain a military advantage against the united principalities and ruling elite in the south. Wyrendrin has, to date, shown no allegiance to any tribe or kingdom, other than those he sought to rule by his own hand.



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